Anti-Skid Car Parking Flooring

Anti-Skid Car Parking Flooring

PU and Epoxy Coating

We at Sakshi Coating, provides Automobile Parking Flooring made of PU and Epoxy chemistry to create aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting surfaces of the highest calibre. Nowadays, business buildings, malls, and other establishments are paying greater attention to clean, orderly parking lots. Well-maintained parking lots with guided bays and roads assist minimize space and regulate traffic.

Not only our flooring technologies improve a parking facility's visual allurement, but they also cure into durable, smooth, and impermeable coverings. The concrete floor's resistance to abrasion, impact, oil stains, tire markings, fluid spills, and several other chemical and mechanical stressors that might seriously harm bare concrete is increased by our parking lot flooring. As we use a combination of epoxy and polyurethane Sakshi’s car park floors do a great job at covering small flaws like hairline cracks and minor undulations in the concrete slab.

Our parking lot floor coating is water and moisture resistant by nature and has anti-slip properties. Additionally, the anti-skid qualities minimise tires squealing during hard braking, acceleration, and turns. We provide epoxy flooring alternatives in a variety of colours, with the option for partial or complete broadcasting. Additionally, our flooring (aliphatic grades) is UV resistant, making them suitable for usage in outdoor settings. Recoating our car parking floors is economical as we use roll on coats which are applied only in few microns.

In addition, the surfaces must be long-lasting and attractive. Because of this, our premium parking lot flooring offers superior elasticity, rebound, and skid resistance. They are also extremely durable, with excellent optical characteristics and compatible with commonly used colouring materials and additives that impart slip resistance.

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